Giovanna and Gustavo

Dear Amolatina-Anastasia. We want express our sincere thanks, because thanks your page, we met, we fell in love, and now we have a beautiful home, after we got married, religiously and civilly, the last November 10/2012 in Quito –Ecuador, through your services, and thanks to seriousness and respectful with the information published, we built a beautiful relationship., based in the love, honesty and respect. Our history of love with Gustavo Fierro-Canon, began when he contacted me through, the messages on Amolatina, his profile captivated me, and gradually, we had, the opportunity to know us, until we built a nice relationship. We want publish our history of love as a sign of our appreciation with you, and to attest, the seriousness of your organization

Milena and Jonathon

We were contacting nearly a year until he finally came to see me in Medellin and was definitely the man who was waiting, elegant, friendly and polite and treats me like a queen. What else I can ask of life? I am currently studying English and living with this amazing man. I wish all the women of this website to find a sweetheart. Just be patient and seek to find. That comes because it comes. I'm happy with my man! Thank you AmoLatina and the nice people of this website! Greeting from Australia!

Lorena and Walter

Hello amolatina. I just want to participate that I'm engaged with walter. we have communicated for several months until last month he came to know my children and me .. I think he's the man I am looking and I don?t need to know more people .. we are for each other. he has two beautiful young children and I also have two beautiful children. so we'll be 6 in the house. I am very excited about my future new family .. I will keep you informed about our marriage .. since the father of my children died there was no other person to fill my heart. but Walter and his tenderness did .. I love him! thank you all for giving us this gift of a new father figure to my children! Good luck to all!