Members Just Love AmoLatina’s NEW IMPROVED Platform

Dear Partners,

We can report that members are very satisfied with AmoLatina’s NEW IMPROVED platform introduced at the end of 2016. The upgrade features a stunning redesign, better profiles, extra features, and an even faster service. It’s been a big hit with gentleman looking to communicate with ladies across Latin America. And that means you benefit from the increased activity!


Service of streaming: In this service users can make a video and live audio conference with multiple viewers on the website, where viewers can send virtual gifts to the transmitter, while he or she is dedicated to finding new contacts and expanding the transmitter community

Service of Histories: It is a new feature in the platform that creates sequences of photos and temporary videos. Stories drive the users’ attention to the profile as they appear on the top of the web site Stories allow to stand out, express yourself and engage users into communication.

Messaging All in One Place: The same messaging window can now be used to Chat Live, send Emails, and exchange Instant Photos. Members both online and offline can be contacted inside the same window.

Let’s Mingle – NEW Feature: The perfect way for men and women to get instant attention. It allows ladies to spread ONE invite message to lots of guys in one go, and vice versa!

Beautiful New Profiles: Ladies are now presented in stunning new profiles featuring landscape artwork, ‘My Interest’ icons, email backgrounds, and much more!

Cute Mood Display: Members can now use fun icons to show their mood, choosing from bored, friendly, romantic, flirty, and naughty! It helps ladies better understand who they are chatting to.

Best Matches Search: It’s now easier for members to find the right ladies with an upgraded search using age, city, interests and more.

Let us help you get the best out of AmoLatina’s stunning new platform!
AmoLatina’s Agency Team

Flowers and Gifts Delivery service

Dear Partners,
Please the ladies of your agency with nice surprises from our men: gorgeous flowers, exquisite perfumes, and baskets full of tasty fruits and sweets.
Plug the ladies in to our most pleasant feature – Flowers and Gifts Delivery!
Become ambassadors of care and tenderness.
Together with you we prove every day that the distance between men and women is just a word.
To know more about plugging in to this service, please contact our managers via Questions&Answers.
Sincerely yours,
AmoLatina's Agency Team