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Bored at home? Can't find any job? Income is low? Great communication skills are going down the drain?

Amolatina is the job for you!

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All you need is: home pc or notebook, internet connection and lots of female friends wanting to find that special someone!

Amolatina clients are from all over the world: USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Latin America as well! Our clients are all seeking for a Latin wife, so we need YOU to help them find their princess and you will help your friends to find the love of their life!

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Our Medellin office (8-00 to 17-00)

(574) 3121712

Address: Cr.43A # 19 -17
Block Centro Empresarial
Of. 230
Medellin, Colombia

Our Toll-Free Numbers:

Brazil: 08008923601
Costa Rica : 08000572027


Os Gerentes da AmoLatina têm viajado para Medellín, Barranquilla e Cartagena na Colômbia e Belo Horizonte, São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro no Brasil, para encontrar parceiros, treiná-los e esclarecer a todos as dúvidas que eles pudessem vir a ter.

Os Gerentes da AmoLatina estão extremamente felizes por começar a se encontrar com os parceiros em pessoalmente!

A experiência foi como nenhuma outra!

Obrigada pela calorosa recepção e esperamos que trabalhar juntos sempre continue a ser algo tão agradável, como agora!

Os Gerentes da AmoLatina ficarão felizes em ir até a sua cidade também! Só deixe-nos saber se estão precisando de nossa ajuda!

Tenha um ótimo dia!

Com os melhores cumprimentos,
Equipe Amolatina

Los administradores de Amolatina han viajado a Colombia: Medellín, Barranquilla, Cartagena y Brasil: Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo y Rio de Janeiro para encontrarse con los socios, entrenarlos y responder todas las dudas que ellos tenían.

¡Los administradores de Amolatina están súper contentos de haberse encontrado con los socios en persona!

¡La experiencia fue excelente!

¡Gracias por su cordial bienvenida, y esperamos, que nuestra colaboración mutua continúe siendo tan agradable como ahora es!

¡Los administradores de Amolatina estarán felices de viajar a su país también! Solo denos a saber si necesita nuestra ayuda!

¡Que tengan un lindo día!

Saludos cordiales,
Equipo Amolatina.

Success stories

  • I am sending a cordial greeting from Manizales to all the team of AMOLATINA.

    Natalia - Manizales, Colombia
    Jerry - Virginia, USA

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    June 08, 2011 Natalia and Jerry: We Want to Be Together Always

    I am sending a cordial greeting from Manizales to all the team of AMOLATINA.

    I want to tell you and all your team, that I am very happy, and thankful, for the opportunity you gave me to be part of your agency, which has been vital in this important moment of my life, in that I am going to establish a serious relationship, and a life project with a good man. Do you know something?, I did not believe in love at first sight, and it had been very difficult to me to find someone sincere that had affinity with me. But now, thanks to you I have found a wonderful man here in this agency.

    We have already had contact for almost 3 months, and for us it has been like if we had known all life. I am really convinced that this is the man that God wants in my life, this is the man I was looking for, he is the man who I love now, and which I have reasons to smile, and do everything with love.

    We already had the chance of sharing many moments, in the AMOLATINA chat, by the AMOLATINA phone, and by mails. And the great surprise is that we already have met in person! It was a marvelous encounter, and we proved that love is possible and real for many people by this great agency, that gave us the security, and the opportunity of finding love in this world. In spite of being a big text, it’s a small way of saying “thank you” for putting us in contact.

    I hope to continue in touch with you in a beautiful accompaniment to our relationship, since we want to be together always, and we are forever grateful to you to cross in our destinations and allow us meeting.

    Thank you very much!

    Natalia - Manizales, Colombia Jerry - Virginia, USA
  • Amolatina Team,
    We met at Medellin Social and we have build up a nice relationship full of love and trust.

    Olivia – Medellin, Colombia
    Manuel – California, USA

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    June 03, 2011 Olivia and Manuel: We Met at Medellin Social

    Amolatina Team,

    We met at Medellin Social and we have build up a nice relationship full of love and trust. Very soon we will have the happiness of celebrating our wedding and we thank God and AmoLatina for having given us the opportunity of meeting each other. Thank you for your help. We wish many more people have the opportunity of being happy.

    Olivia – Medellin, Colombia Manuel – California, USA
  • Hello dear AmoLatina!
    I just want to send a greeting and wish the best. Thank you...

    Liliana – Cali, Colombia
    Michael - USA

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    May 18, 2011 Liliana and Michael

    Hello dear AmoLatina!

    I just want to send a greeting and wish the best. Thank you very much for helping me find the love of my life Michael. He is a love and a chivalrous man. I do not believe in life could find a man like him...

    Since last October we have communicated until he decided to come and that we were married on April 8!

    We are very happy and I love him so much. My daughter loves him. I got married in white as I always imagine!

    I just want to give advice to members and affiliates. Have perseverance and patience. I know love comes to each of us... I will be sending some nice cousins that I have lol.

    Good luck! And thanks AmoLatina for having known Michael!

    Liliana – Cali, Colombia Michael - USA